Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Global Mobility

I have made it to Toronto! After years, and months of planning, heaps of bits and pieces coming together, and then a very long day of flying, I am here!

I am here for three months, to complete my MSW practicum, which is 70 days of work experience. I expressed an interest in an international placement very early, and after much work, the match through the University of Melbourne with the University of Toronto happened. This is all coordinated with the Global Mobility department at uni, as well as lots of seeking out this opportunity yourself.

Everything really just fell into place at the last minute. The details of my placement, in terms of the match, happened one night while I was in Dominica, right at the deadline of U of T's cut off point to confirm the details and enroll. Then my accommodation arrangement for the first month was confirmed during the night on my last night at home.

Mum drove me to the airport once I was all packed, pretty early on Saturday morning. My flights took me from Melbourne to LA, to Dallas, and finally to Toronto. Landing just before midnight, I had booked an airport hotel so I could just crash.

Yesterday I got the local bus from the airport, which took me to the subway, and made my way into town. Walking down Queen Street West, I found that my new neighbourhood is a very hip area of town, full of bars and galleries, shops and buskers, beggers and street art.

I am staying in an apartment with 2 other people which I found through airbnb. A great location, I can walk everywhere, although there is a streetcar line going past also.

Plus, the weather is glorious! This has been a long weekend here in Canada, and is reportedly the first real Summer hit. I have been rewarded by all my hard work, and epic day of travel with two 30C days! Perfect! Here we go!


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous! I lived in Toronto as a kid, but haven't been back since 1994... Be prepared for uber-humidity as the summer progresses!! The one downside to living on a lake :)

    70 days seems like a really long prac (my library studies prac is 15 days!!). It must be great to get that much experience though - hope it's amazing! :)

    1. Thanks MOMM!
      It should be 2 x 70 days placement, however luckily I gained credit for my first one, so just have to do this one. Pretty excited to get to know a new city in the process!
      Any Toronto tips??

    2. Haha, not unless you want tips about primary schools!! If you were going to be there in autumn, I'd recommend going out to Chudley's (sp?) Apple Farm to pick your own apples and pumpkins and whatnot.

      Other than that, eat your body weight in Tim Horton's Tim Bits for me!


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