Friday, December 07, 2012


Monday of this week, Jessie and I saw an iconic band play here in Melbourne - Blondie!

We arrived at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl as The Stranglers were mid-set...and frankly they did not make us rue stopping for tapas and wine in Federation Square before coming down.  Many of the crowd were into them though, however their standout song that we witnessed was a cover of The Kinks' All Day And All Of The Night.

Deborah Harry and band arrived on stage, and opening with Dreaming, showed us all the old moves.  Wearing a tight, sparkly gold number, from our grass seats this did not look entirely legal!

Hanging On The Telephone, got started just as the rain started spitting.  Donning a poncho and moving to the front of the GA area, which actually afforded us a better view.

Deb chatted after a couple of tracks, and introduced the night by saying they will be playing some new songs, some older ones, and then a surprise - and then scoffed that there are not really any surprises anymore with the presence of the internet! Ha!

Call Me and Atomic were in bedded within the setlist, before an interactive The Tide Is High with Harry pausing for the crowd to take on the line 'I'm not the kind of girl...' and then playfully interjecting an "oh no?".

Rapture was there, as well as an energetic One Way Or Another, which felt like the band had hit their straps for the night, and was such fun.

The promised "surprise" was the first song of the encore, being a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax, before the final song of the night, the emphatic Heart Of Glass.  An all singing and dancing end to the night, and complete travel back in time to these songs and this band's magic.

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