Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Best Free View of Melbourne

One of the best views in Melbourne is free, and seems to be a bit of a secret - I took two out-of-towners there last weekend.  It's perhaps a bit cheeky to access it, but it's worth it!

The bathrooms on level 35 of the Sofitel has a full length window, and faces out to the east. It's easy enough to get to it, just walk through Collins Place off the Paris End of Collins Street, and one of the entrances to the hotel is at the back towards the left.  The escalators will take you up to the elevator banks, where you can board and ride to level 35.

Once here, turn left and keep following the far wall, and the bathrooms are at the end. Of course, you could stop at the Atrium Bar 35 for drinks, and the view, if you felt so inclined.

The view shows off the gardens just alongside the CBD, as you can see the vastness and greenery of Treasury Gardens and the Fitzroy Gardens. Beyond this sits the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Out on the horizon are the Dandenong Ranges, collecting clouds, and running as far as the eye can see.

And then to your left you can see the Yarra River winding it's way down to the city, and further out, the edge of Port Phillip Bay.

I have not been to the top of the Rialto for the Observation Deck nor to the Eureka Skydeck 88 or 89, but for the budget traveler this view from the loo is undoubtedly the best free view of the eastern expanse of Melbourne.


  1. Very sneaky. I love it!

    1. Is it a bit....but worth the stealth! Just walk in like you know where you are going!

  2. I'd heard of this but not tried it. Thanks for the detailed instructions, enabling one to walk into the hotel with confidence!

    1. Ha ha, happy to help! Enjoy the view!


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