Tuesday, December 04, 2012

My MSW Journey

Today I received word that I have completed all of the subjects and requirements that I needed to achieve my Master of Social Work from the University of Melbourne.

Three years ago I read something that made me think that maybe the MSW was the right path for me. So I went along to an information session, to see if they could talk me out of such a crazy idea - the idea of going back to study.  They failed, I applied, and was accepted.

I loved getting back to learning the good elements of human services, and advocacy, and meeting people with the same interests.  I struggled with the part time study with full time work, and suffered serious essay hell and sleep deprivation at every juncture in the semesters where deadlines were present.

I gained some credits for my previous post-graduate studies, and my work experience, which allowed me to skip over a couple of repeat subjects, and also be exempt from the first practical placement.

Then this year, I set out to complete my placement overseas to spice things up, and managed to land a truly amazing experience in Toronto.

Finishing up this final semester had the same level of trials as all the others really, this time beginning with homelessness and unemployment, and then sudden locum employment landing just as deadlines were looming, and my flight to RADelaide grew closer.  I actually finished my last essay at Sheila HQ in Adelaide, pressing 'submit' after being handed my first rum punch to get geared up for the massive week. Ha!

What a ride!  Lots of work, commuting twice a week from Ballarat to Melbourne during semester times to get to classes, hours of cursing my last minute study habits, and those 14 weeks of work experience in a totally different environment and clinical area.

So now, in two weeks, I can wear the funny hat and silly cape, and collect that bit of paper.  And who knows where that parchment will take me from there!

This featured street art was found along Bathurst Street in Toronto...seemed fitting!


  1. Well done Tash! Onwards and upwards :D

    1. And to you Miss Jess! Grads together this year!

  2. Yay! I am pleased you're done, and so happy you're assimilate about this field :)

    1. Ohh, thanks so much! I hope I can do amazing things!

  3. CONGRATS! It's a brilliant achievement. :)


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