Monday, December 31, 2012

What A Year It Has Been, 2012

It blows my mind that today is the last of 2012. Feels like it went by just like that...but then it was also a very full year for me. One of the best.

It started off with fireworks and music, when I was Seeing NYE in in Sydney. Not long after that I was part of a Roadtrip to RADelaide, which was such fun.

My sisters and I then headed back to Sydney to see Roxette and dine at Est, which was a pretty special weekend away together.

One of the biggest things for me this year was the lead up, and the finalisation of quitting my job. Freedom, true freedom, began.

Getting back to the West Indies was a very big highlight, and getting around Barbadosfalling in love with the Magnificent Seven in Trinidad, our daytrip to Tobago, and then everything about Dominica!

In Florida on the way home, visiting the Kennedy Space Center and then the Wizarding World of Harry Potter were definite highlights of the year.

And then I headed off to Toronto for my MSW placement, and a Summer of fun, new friends, a great work experience, and loads of side travels. Exploring a new city by making it a homebase it the best kind of travel, where you get to know a place and it's idiosyncracies.

Side trip highlights included Quebec City, more roadtrip fun to Banff and Lake Louise, Washington DC and a wedding, Memphis to visit the land of Elvis. On the way home I popped into one of my favourite cities in the world, NYC, and completed my Grand Slam of tennis at the US Open. Something I have wanted to go to since I was young.

Since being home I have managed to string a host of housesitting gigs together, which has got me through up until I plan to fly off again in a few weeks. I experienced the highs and lows of the AFL Footy Finals, had a surprisingly great weekend in Canberra (yes, really!), and got a second RADelaide test match in. Then I finished my MSW and graduated, which I am most proud of.

What a year, indeed! Great places, great new friends, finished uni, and detangled from work and possessions. Very ready for any and all new adventures!

This morning I have been emailing a few people in relation to plans for the first portion of 2013, which is already shaping up to be pretty exciting.

Hope yours has been a good one, and you have a tops night bringing in the new one. Thanks for reading, it's also been a massive year for the blog!


  1. Carly Findlay12/31/2012 5:21 PM

    Your year has been amazing! You impress me being able to be free from a regular job and belongings - I live your roaming spirit. So glad we met too! Happy new year!

  2. Belated Happy New Year! And congratulations on your 2012 achievements - 2013 sounds like it's shaping up to be a winner for you!!!


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