Sunday, December 09, 2012

Gingerbread Village

Now that it is December it is perfectly ok to delight in all the Xmas stuff all about.  Not November, and definitely not October!  And so today I took Michelle and Dee on a little wander among some of the Melbourne festive sights, including the Gingerbread Village.

Located at the Town Hall, I first read about it on Carly's blog last year, and was keen to have a look this year. Entry is via a gold coin donation for the Starlight Foundation, and there was a little line up to get into the room of sweet display!

Many of Melbourne's icons are constructed out of gingerbread and all the trimmings - including the MCG, complete with an AFL Grand Final set up from this year, and Luna Park, full with people riding the rollercoaster and walking in under the big mouth.

The detail of the street scenes is pretty impressive, with the Sunday market next to the Art Centre and it's lit spire, including a butcher with a string of sausages, a fruit stall, cakes and treats, and even a kebab stand.

The detail was impressive. Little people in the scenes up to all sorts of everyday things, and then some quirky things for the very observant. There is a wedding party near the big church, and a skier on the pond on a bit of trouble.  More than one, really, but I suspect the headless man may be repaired for tomorrow!

In among the Melbourne landmarks was a windmill, and a castle, which didn't seem to have much to do with Xmas, but there were enough Xmas trees to pull it all together.

Open everyday until Christmas Eve, it's well worth the pop in for a peek.

The ball hitting the post at the MCG is a bit of cruelty really, but the detail in each feature of the room is very well done. I wonder who gets to eat all the icons once Xmas arrives!?

You can see more of my photos of the displays here on my Facebook page.

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