Monday, April 11, 2005

Another Hawk Heartache

Up early again this morning for the big match, and am still reeling now - after inaccurate and all over the place radio calling. And 2 little points.

God damn.

The game was close first quarter, and I was all tucked up under the duvet in the sitting room under the PC with the headphones relaying the radio streaming from the AFL site. The radio station was one I had never heard of before, and seems to have been the indigenous radio station.

A blow out in the second term had me resting my eyes, but then a burst of excitment saw 5 goals from our boys in the third - and we were in it!!

I know if I had have been at the game - under ponchos and sweating in the rain and heat, according to texts from the girls (well, Melissa, actually) - I would have definately lost my voice, had a heart attach and/or wet my pants. Instead stifled cheers and muffled yells, worried that I would wake my poor unsuspecting client, sleeping in the next room.

The dying minutes of the radio call had the Hawks winning, with an amazing last seconds goal - and then the bastard commentators took it back, and reported that The Scum's song was playing and that it was all over!! What??!!


Fair play to the commentators' focus on the indigenous players though, and thanks to some rare moments of actual thought at Hawthorn over the last couple of years, we actually have a few lads who can play! They gave big raps to Harry Miller, and Changa and Willo. Awesome. They also got so many things wrong during the call - his name is Ladson, dickheads!! The call was pretty bias too, even to my one-eyed ears!! But geez, Franklin sounds like a gun!


Sounds like Lloyd has earnt himself some time off to get that arm healed, after smashing Thurgood's face in with his cast. Same old, same old. At least when Heebie was the one-armed bandit last year, he didn't hospitalise anyone!

Quite shattered about it all really.
Don't know if I'll be up for the 5am wake up call next weekend to hear us be pumped by Brisbane...
Still, love the passion and the pain of it all. Couldn't live without it!


  1. hey tash
    have you heard how awesome the Demons are gonna be this year??!! Look out round 5!

  2. Go Richmond. Got my car back finally. Just a new drive shaft. gear box and a starter moter. Going like a dream now,

  3. I can't really follow all this footy talk but Go Tigers is all I can add to it. As for the car - its not really going like a dream yet. Very scratchy gears.....
    Staying off the beer is not going as planned. I broke last Saturday night and I think this weekend is going to be a major session with Paddy's birthday on Sunday. I'll keep you posted. Go Tigers!!!! Yellow and Black cos its Tiiiger Land!!!

  4. Hi Tash. Liz, Judith and Kate here. Just admiring your photos of your beautiful new Irish friends!! Lookin good! Just having a girlie video night before the madness starts again tommorrow with Paddy's birthday. Wish you were here. Hope alls well. See ya amigo...xxxxx


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