Sunday, April 17, 2005

Making plans...and a win!!

And oh what a win!!! We're A Happy Team at Hawthorn...... So good to hear the boys sing with full gusto!!

I must admit, after a couple of shattering early mornings over the last couple of weeks, my faith in my boys had waned, and I didn't get up at 5am. (Shame on me.) But after repeated text messages from Mum and the girls that we were having a dip, things were looking good, and we were 31 points up at half time, I was up and out of bed to be part of it!!

Brilliant!! A win against Brisbane, if you don't mind!! Awesome. Haven't beaten them since 2000, and what a team to beat for the first win of the season!!

Another day out for the Spida, Croad sounds fine (as always, but was actually talking about his playing ability this morning!!), and Changa! I love Changa. And Johnny Barker - he's back!!!

Makes me a little homesick... Melissa called me so I could hear the song (but I had to be quiet...shhhh!) Hee hee.

So, anyway, busy trying to work out my next travel plans, trying to solve my immediate homelessness after that, and then Active have been lining up my next couple of assignments. A 'quite assignment, you'll need a good book' first, which sounds perfect to me! And then the one after that is in Central London, and sounds like a really social and fun client, with lots of forced partying for me (poor me), plus lots of play time in London! Sounds great!

The last week has flown, and dragged at the same time. Can't believe the week over already, seems like not that long ago I was radio streaming for the footy...but then the work is so constant and non-stop, it's not surprising it has flown. 5 days to go...

Ash has been generating discussion, via email, about whether being London is all it's cracked up to be. I must admit, I am not overly convinced it's for me. Early days, sure. But the people are so self absorbed, and the city itself hasn't grabbed me, like say New York or Tokyo...
But having said that, there are people on their way over to visit, and to live (Michelle! Jenny! Dom! And Kris!!! And Ash.) things are looking good.

Have been taking the big van out a bit, while my client was up and about briefly. Getting used to driving on these tiny roads. I think being on the roads in Ireland convinced me that this is just the way it is.

Well, better get offline and back to work. No rest for the buggered, it seems!!

46 points!!! We're a happy team at Hawthorn...we're the mighty flying Hawks....

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  1. Ohhhh, watched the draw tick over today too. So close to having Port flounder down the bottom of the ladder...

    Speaking of which - how good does it look! We have jumped up. And no matter what happens tomorrow, we will still be above The Scum!!

    Getting very carried away with articles like 'Super Hawks spank Lions' at

    How are those odds looking now, Chucky??


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