Saturday, April 09, 2005

Nothing New

Stealing words from my favourite Waifs song, there ain't nothing new, here. And this is nothing new!
Day 10 of this assignment, and it's the same shit, different day. Although the real shit is only every second day! Hee hee.

God, the endless routine does my head in. Drives me insane. I need change on a daily basis!! I totally think this type of work is a personal challenge in temper, anger and frustration management. A test of my character!!! Although failure may mean jail time, or being committed to a facility!

Slight change now though, with my client starting to get up and about, after bed rest due to a pressure sore. Nothing like the sight you see in Million Dollar Baby (how could anyone let things get that bad??!! She was in a rehab centre, for crying out loud!!), but the skin of people with spinal cord injuries is so sensitive. Seems my expert care has got things back to working order (not quite, but I will take what credit I can!!).

We live through this day after day
And complacency's a curse
But you just can't escape it
And I've arrived at that place where my tolerance gave way
And I struggle to hold my head up high

OK. So I'm not quite that bad. Song just sticks in my head. Payday after 3 weeks of work is going to be like Christmas for me, even with the low rate of pay.

Too much thinking time is the real problem! Kept wondering what the hell I am doing, wiping pommy arses on the other side of the world. I mean, what am I doing? What am I looking for? Perhaps I should just pack it all in, move home to Ballarat, meet and marry an electrician or a plumber, beg for my old job back, knock this interest in the rest of the world on it's head, and live happily ever after... That's what people do, isn't it?
Would make my mother happy! But how would I cure the boredom???!!


  1. Speaking on behalf of the married people in Ballarat - its really not that boring you just have a fucked up view of marriage! Andrea

  2. Tash, you should be thinking about Turkey and not Ballarat! You are wiping those pommy arses as a means to travel. Ballarat will always be there. Venice is sinking 3mm a year. You have to see these places now!!! :)

  3. How about those mighty dons!(enough said)- Deano

  4. Ahhhh, Nat - exactly!! Someone else from my planet!!

  5. ...and I'm with you on the travel too Tash - if you can't find a partner who wants to see Venice with you before it disappears, Macchu Picchu before it's totally overun with tourists etc you have to do it yourself! Have fun, Ballarat is just getting colder as Winter approaches and will always be there.

  6. As if you'd even dream of coming home!! I've finally started a savings fund (measly as it is!) for my escape!!! You have to be there in Oct 2006 when I arrive!


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