Monday, April 18, 2005


How good is Sean Penn!!?? There is nothing sexier than a successful man!! God damn!!

Went off and saw The Interpreter yesterday in my break, and was quite impressed. Although, I may be bias, as my admiration for Penn has grown and grown in the last couple of years.

Have heard lots of recent discussion from a whole heap of people, male included, stating that Johnny Depp is the best looking man alive. But give me someone real like Sean Penn anyday! Edward Sissorhands will always be too plastic, too dainty...

Penn has that raw emotion bubbling at the surface of all the roles I have seen him in lately. He's brilliant. Tough, rugged. Totally devoted to his family. Very good.

Interesting politics in the movie. Obvious look at Mugabi. Still find it ironic that the UN is situated in the US, with discussions about who should front the International Criminal Court, as depicted in the film, and yet the US won't ratify the ICC - for obvious repercussions of probably half of every American who has worked for or served their own government.

I couldn't imagine Kidman working in the role as a worker for the UN. But I was wrong. The accent she puts on, although not perfect at times, made her character stand out from others our Nicole has done.

This is the first movie I have actually gone to see on my own. Am I finally growing up? Or just preparing myself for my impending spinsterdom....

Anyway, back to the magic of the corridors of Hogwarts. Am really enjoying reading HP5.


  1. Just viewing your website. Its really cool. WE all appreciated your kind thoughts. Missed a good night Saturday for my birthday. I'm one finger down and one mump extra. Talk to you later. Paddy

    Hi Natasha. Hope all is going well. I'm doing well on the no drinking buzz!!! Hope to see you again soon. Claire

    Hi Tash - Yeah right for Claire and the no drinking! I'm finished with it too. Back on the beer. Its better that way. Just saw Sean Penn in 21 Grams at the weekend. Also very good. Liz

  2. hi sorry about the other day i was logged off, dont know if you got my text to explain, i don't want you to think i just left I ran out of credit on the computer at home - great timing! Anyway have fun in turkey!

  3. Hey Chick,
    Dont knock going to a movie by yourself. There are only 2 bad things about it, 1, you feel like an idiot sitting there all by yourself before the lights go down- but you get used to it after a while (have a look around at all the other losers!) and you dont get to tear the movie apart with your friends when it's finished.

    I'm taking a mental health day tomorrow and extending the long weekend! going to a spot about 150km east of halls creek (the directions are...go over the big hill and look for a star picket with a dog baiting sign on it and turn left) cant wait!!!
    have fun chick,
    Rachael Q

  4. *grin* when we finished watching The Interpreter we discussed Sean Penn's looks and decided he has definitly grown into them.


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