Sunday, April 03, 2005

Shhhhh! It's 5.10am...

So it's 2.10pm in Melbourne, which means bounce time in the footy! I have crept up and am listening to it on the radio, streaming through via the internet - brilliant!!

I can't tell you how excited I am about this! Missing out of the footy, knowing it is happening and not being able to see or hear it (let alone go to the game), could be the homesickness deal-breaker for me, so this is brilliant!

Hawthorn verses Richmond at the 'G, coming through from Triple M. I get to hear names like Johnny Barker, Crawford, Croad, Vanders, and Spida. Am impressed with the new names of Franklin and Thurgood. We are 10 points down now at halftime, but it sounds close. Lead is changing constantly.

This will get me through the next half a week here at this assignment, and then the build up to next week's huge grudge match against Essenscum will pull me through to this time next week. And then I be up before dawn again for the match. Awesome!

Especially with The Scum winless so far this season. Always brings a smile to my face! (God, I love to hate them!)

I must say, I am lucky I am at this assignment at this time, where I can just sneak out to the PC at this hour. For all the driving me mad, and the mind numbing routine...

Anyway, play is about to resume. Go Hawks!!


  1. suck shit hawthorn lost what right have you got to bag any team when your sitting on the bottom of the ladder and the team your bagging is sitting only one above you, we can't even loose as bad as you!Deano

  2. I will loathe and bag The Scum no matter where they are on the ladder!
    And we are expected to be shit this year - who would have thought Essenscum would be too!! Hee hee!

    What's that? No Lloyd, no Essenscum??!!
    I guess by reading 'Essendon star Matthew Lloyd has been rated a strong chance by coach Kevin Sheedy to be rushed back against Hawthorn, with the final decision left up to the full-forward and the club's medical staff' in The Age today, is sounds like The Scum are scared of the weekend's match!!
    (I am sure it's the usual Sheedy propoganda bullshit...but hey!)

    Play with the plate like that Harry High-pants!! Will give our lads somewhere to target!! Bring on the biff!!

  3. Children! play nicely - this is going to be a long week!

  4. any team that knows they are shit always resorts to violence as shown at last years match and demonstrated by their fans, is the biff the substitute for no talent?This demonstrates the clubs mentality in using school yard tactics!hee hee!-Dean

  5. We were merely drawing a line in the sand. The point was made loud and clear.

    We'll see who's laughing on Sunday...

    Are you going to the big game? Or just blowing hot air??

    Good to see S MacGill in the Ashes squad. The team needs more good looking lads...

  6. unlike you, some of us have to work and cant afford the multiple credit cards to finance our travels around the world!!! BUT i will be watching while at work. i hope essendon wins but no doubt if this happens hawthorn will throw another tantrum!
    may the best team fair better at the tribunal!

  7. ps- S Macgill is a hack(can't bowl can't catch)


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