Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Istanbul, old and new.

After a sleep for the dead last night after our long Gallipoli experience, we got up and ventured out for some more of Istanbul.

We visited the Grand Bazaar for a little Turkish style barganing, and joking, and shopping. The Turkish sense of humour is so funny, have really appreciated that. And the sellers know how to get you buyıng - they are talking the talk!! The whole complex was so huge, and we literally only saw a portion of it, we still got the things we had thought we wanted.

We wandered down to see the Basalic Cistern after that, for some amazing underground architecture, and then headed off for farewell beers and a final water pipe - mint flavour this time. Glenys and Cam have now headed off back to London, and Nat and I then set off for the Galata Tower.

The view over Istanbul from the top of the Galata Tower is the full 360, and lets you see the vast and populous mass, and the contrasting areas of the city. After a bit of a hike, we walked up to the Takism Square, where new and modern Istanbul was bustling. We caught a trolley car through the cosmopolitan area of cool Istanbul. (more photos)

(Edited on the 29th April to add actual content!! Was in a big rush, and almost missed the bus to Cappadocia for this entry the first time!!)

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