Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat Pub Crawl

With an old lady dress from the op shop, an oldie wig and some strange person's prescription glasses Katie just had lying around, I dressed as my worst nightmare for Halloween yesterday. Making my way down Brunswick Street in the surprising 27C heat, I made it to the Rose Hotel, for the first stop in the Trick or Treat pub crawl in Fitzroy.

Meeting MJ and Sharon, and Meggsie, we went in for a pub lunch, while Melissa, Katrina and Kylie made their way to us. Springer and Bree joined us for our first drinks, before we made our way to the air conditioned Royal Derby, which had actually featured on a pub crawl earlier in the year.

Walking down Brunswick Street all dressed up in random Halloween garb, we walked down a side street to find the Commercial Club. As we walked into the empty white space, the bartender made some crack about us being dressed up...and we had our one pot pretty quickly!

Back to Brunswick Street, the Punters Club on the map is today's Bimbo Delux, and the destination for our next pot. Joined here by witchy Lana, we also ducked across the street to the Evelyn, which was a little weird, drinking there in the middle of the day, and dressed up as an old lady!

Down to the Provincial for a pot, in their gorgeous rooms, we were joined by Amanda, before walking down Johnston Street to find that McCrossin's on the map was now opened as Griffs Wine Pub, and thus an extra stop for the drink. I am not sure that the publican was thrilled by our group wandering in, but we were joined here by Kym, and Nick.

Inside Rochester Castle we found a nanny couch, a pool table, and funky booths to keep us entertained for our pot stop, before getting to the Birmingham, where we were joined by Sara and her friends, and Bumble and Lisbe, who had been at the races.

Walking around the loop on the map, we found a tidy bucks party at the Marquis of Lorne, before discovering the awesome rooftop beer garden. Back on the map, we all made our way to the Napier Hotel, where Neil found us, for a bit of a Flagger reunion.

Finding a church Halloween party, where there was an entry fee, but then climbing through an archway to anothe rmuch cooler house party, we lost our nerve and returned to the pubs on the map. The Rainbow seemed to be having a Halloween party of it's own, where we found many, many others dressed up.

Getting to the Perseverence back on Brunswick Street, we found many tidy race-goers, who looked strangely upon our group. Delayed here during out pot consumption by a heavy downpour outside, we had to time our dash to the next pub with care.

Bumble, Meggsie and I jumped in a cab, and with the driver being less than helpful, we had no luck finding the Standard, having our next pot at the Pumphouse. And that, amazingly, was stumps for me. Very tired, and a little bit drunky, this is the first crowl we haven't completed, with 4 pubs and the longest leg, distance-wise to go.

Alas, maybe some other time. But a fun Halloween day, to mark my birthday, notheless!

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