Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Maze 'N Things

When I was researching the Five Aussie Big Things down on Phillip Island for our roadtrip, I discovered that the Big Tap was situated at A Maze 'N Things, just outside of Cowes.  This looked like such a fun stop, so we factored it into our day.

The Big Tap and it's running water fills the room before the entrance, giving you a hint at the illusions and trickery inside.

We soon found ourselves within the Mirror Maze inside, which was totally confusing, magnified by a group of kids running through around us!  Finding many dead-ends hidden by the mirrored walls, there were times I wondered if I would even find the way out!

Next up within A Maze 'N Things was the rooms filled with illusions - water running uphill, the set-up to look like you are floating in the sloped and trick-proportion room.  Tricks of the eyes and mind are set up in several rooms, and even had us big kids trying to figure out what was going on!

Then there is this Shrinking Room - where Carl has never looked so tall and scary!  Poor B looks tiny here - we had a bit of fun with these photos, of which you can get one to take home.

In Australia's biggest 3D timber maze, we spent quite some time getting lost among the twists and turns!  The goal is to find each of the four coloured flags, which you can see perfectly from the elevated sections of the maze - but they are much harder to find on foot!

We had a good laugh at the signs along the way, both encouraging and having a very Aussie go at you!

The Maxi Mini-Golf outside was our next activity, out in the sunshine of the day.  All 19 holes have some element of tricky and changing landscape between the putt and the hole, with many having elaborate paths and moving parts to get your ball to where you want it to be.

Guiding your ball into a hole and seeing it appear on the next green, through passages of water, or seeing it travel the arc of a mini-ferris wheel to get to the next green section, was all part of the fun and frustration!

A Maze 'N Things, along with the Big Aussie Things on Phillip Island, would be such a great day trip from Melbourne with a family.  And big kids just like us!

I was a guest of A Maze 'N Things, as a travel blogger.

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