Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Something For Kate

The new Something For Kate album, Leave Your Soul To Science is one I have not been able to stop playing since it's release - and was even better to see it played live.  I hadn't seen the full band live before, and that was finally rectified two weekends ago.

I had put a call out for a gig buddy as I was travelling back from Canada, upon reading the release of shows in Melbourne, and Katie jumped at the chance, and sorted tickets for us both.  We caught up with Narelle for pre-gig dinner at Mexicali Rose - which meant we got completely carried away and missed much of the support act.  Oops.

I had heard good things of Ben Salter, and we arrived into the band room at The Corner to catch his very last song.

We made our way through the crowd to a good position, and readied ourselves for the gig.  Katie was so excited to be out and about, and seeing a band she has loved since her teens.

Keeping us waiting a little, the members of Something For Kate eventually filled the stage, and opened with Eureka.  New tracks like This Economy and Survival Expert were interspersed with older tracks like Say Something.

The setlist continued to showcase the new album, which has an edgier, freer sound, with the album-opener Star-Crossed Citizens, before Deja Vu.

The rest of the band then left the stage, leaving Paul to his acoustic self - where he delivered the cover of Stop! by Sam Brown - which is stunning!  A sing-a-long moment, although often reluctant from the second sold-out night of this tour, in order to hear that voice pain over those lyrics.  He continued with the new Deep Sea Divers on his own, also.

The band returned for a song about the culture of inheritance, as Paul introduced The Kids Will Get The Money, before Cigarettes & Suitcases.

Paul was chatty, and the band seemed like they were enjoying playing live together again.  He told storied, and joked with the crowd that we were so polite and listening, rather than a raucous rock crowd - which he seemed undecided whether this was a good thing or not, but something characteristic of all SFK gig crowds.

Miracle Cure, with You Only Hide and Pinstripe ended the main set.

The encore consisted of the awesome World Party cover Ship Of Fools and the Electricity, with Powderfinger's Darren Middleton joining the band on stage.

The band finished the night, a close to 2 hour set, with the final track of the new album Begin, and left all music lovers in awe of the show they had just seen.

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  1. The Something For Kate album sounds interesting; I will have to check it out, thanks for sharing.


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