Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Meet The Mets of New York Town!

One of the things my sister wanted to do when she travelled with me to New York City was go to a baseball game, and experience the full Americana.  As luck would have it the New York Mets were playing on the Sunday when we were there, and thus a trek out to CitiField (near the site of former Shea Stadium) was planned for.

We grabbed tickets online, and after playing around in Central Park we rode the subway out to the stadium, which is just across the tracks from the home of the US Open.

Spending some time in the gift shop to buy novelty hands to feel part of the action, and then grabbing a very disappointing and expensive hotdog on our way to our seats, we finally took our places well into the game!

In probably the fastest game of baseball ever, after I had told the girls it goes for hours, we watched on as the Mets and the Houston Astros did battle in the blazing sun and heat.

With all sorts of music and silly activities between each innings to kept the crowd into the match, we were entertained completely through the handful of innings that we saw.

It's a really impressive stadium, and with our foam hands we loved getting right into the spirit of it all - even if we didn't fully know what was going on in the match!  The Mets won 2-1, and so the crowd went crazy at the end, which just added to the fun!


  1. I really wanted to go see a baseball game too but we visited in December. We went to watch Basketball at Madison Square Garden instead.

    1. Ohhh, sounds like a worthy substitute! Although I know less about basketball than I do about baseball, so may be lost on me!

      Would love to see something at Madison Square Garden though....and Radio City!
      Ahhh, NYC - too many possibilities!!


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