Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Five Aussie Big Things On Phillip Island

Inspired by a post by Don't Ever Look Back, Belinda and I have been talking about popping down to Phillip Island for some time to check out all five Aussie Big Things.  Last week, amid all the Grand Final madness and preparation, we managed to complete the roadtrip.  Carl, all suited up from an interview, joined us for the drive down to this island past the bay, being just a 2 hour drive from Melbourne.

The first Big Thing to be seen was actually just before we reached Phillip Island, being just outside the town of Bass. The Big Earthworm sits beside the highway, and juts out from the former wildlife park on site.

This attraction has been closed down this year, due to licencing issues with the animals that were kept here, and thus the worm looks tired and unkempt.  I wonder how much longer it will be here to be spotted, roadside.

The worm is here because around this area very long earthworms have been found! Eew! Ha!

Once we had crossed the bridge onto Phillip Island, we stopped for a late breakfast at the Big Wave. Here, surfer Carl demonstrated the moves on the board within the curl - suit and all!

The Big Wave has been here for about 20 years, and is sculptured concrete.  We did have some debate though, about whether it really is a Big Thing, given that it's dimensions are questionably bigger than the real thing - a crucial feature of a Big Thing!

Not much further up the road, on the other side, were the Big Cows.  Grazing in front of the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, these milk producers are spoilt with graffiti markings on their side.  But otherwise, they are fenced into an enclosure, meaning that you can't actually get right up close and personal with them.

People sitting on the decking of the cafe of the Chocolate Factory, and indeed staff there, must get a laugh at people stopping roadside to get a snap with the Big Cows!

Once we had completed the drive past the Moto GP race track, and took in the beach, coast and penguin landing place at the bottom of the Island, we drove towards Cowes and found the Big Koala.

Better looking than his Dadswells Bridge brother, this Big Koala sits next to a brewery and in front of a holiday accommodation resort.  His claws are well defined, and he is surrounded by eucalyptus trees, as he should be!

We stopped in at Rusty Water Brewery for an afternoon pint to finish our day, after we had played at the last Big Thing for the day, just next door.
The last Big Aussie Thing on our list for the day was the Big Tap, and was the most novel of the five of our day.

The Big Tap sits atop of the entrance to A Maze'N Things, and the stream of water appears to be filling the room below it.  Through the windows you can see furniture floating in the room, filled with water.  We were pretty impressed!

Five Aussie Big Things in one day, just a two hour drive from Melbourne city, too good to be true for a couple of roadtripping junkies like us!

Which is your favourite of these?

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