Monday, October 22, 2012

Melbourne Laneway Beauty

This green and silver beauty is down along Croft Alley in the city, and I spotted her when I was on the hunt for baby elephants around the city. Snapping her was irresistible, as I am sure she won't last long in the ever changing canvas of this laneway.


  1. Love the laneway art in Melbourne, but it is a shame that it's continually changing in a way. Can't remember the name of the lane, but there was some stunning art there last year and then a few months ago we wandered through again and these kids were spray-painting ugly tags over what had been spectacular street *art*. Shame. Wish they'd just find more lanes they can use or dedicate a lane for the amateur street artists to fool around :)

    1. Maybe Hosier? Yeah, I guess the ever-changing canvas is all part of it! The ugly tagging is something I don't really get though! Not when it replaces something amazing!

  2. Great shot Tash, love our laneways.


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