Monday, October 01, 2012

Grand Final '12

That one day in September goes by so very fast once it gets started! From breakfast to the bounce, to the halftime entertainment and the final siren, it feels like the fastest day ever! And just like that, the AFL footy season is over.

With all the anticipation, the excitement and the nerves, just 10 points separated the two teams on the day, and the difference between glory for 2012 and heartache.

After a very wet parade the day before through the city centre, we all gathered back at The Mess Hall for a Grand Final Breakfast.  A big gathering, with mostly Hawks and a couple of Swans, including family and friends.  Belinda had made the trip down from Sydney, as had Amy and Shane, and Gluv had just hit town from London for the big day.

Given that our family tickets were standing room from the Members ballot, we needed to hit the MCG as the gates opened, to claim our piece of concrete for the afternoon.

As we soaked in all that was happening on the field pre-match, before we knew it it was time for both teams to run out onto the ground, and line up for the Australian anthem.  I was pretty impressed with the Hawthorn banner, as our boys ran through to a massive roar of the crowd.

The nerves were at fever pitch as the countdown clock got us to bounce-down.  And then it was game on!

Hawks shot out to a lead by quarter time, and then seemed to stop dead in our tracks as the Swans piled on the goals to lead at half time.  The second half of the match is a blur of stress and excitement for me.  That Izzy goal for Hawthorn was my highlight, in the third quarter....and then seeing so many snaps hit the post, and cost us the match was so painful!  If only...

I caught up with the victorious and very happy Swans supporters after the match, as we Hawks rued what could have been.  We stayed for the Grand Final Party, although I could not put myself through the presentation of the winning team at the end.  Gluv and I headed off to the London Tavern where I met up with my sisters for many commiseratory drinks.

Yesterday, Jessie, Heath and I made our way to Glenferrie Oval where the players were presented, and Alistair Clarkson thanked the supporters for the year, and promised that work on 2013 starts very soon.  We continued on to the pub, and to drown our sorrows, as needed!

So proud of our team for their efforts all year, and the fight throughout September. Congrats to the Swans on their win - the better team on the day.

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