Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The PP Slums

This building in Phnom Penh was just a few streets away from where we lived - lived in luxury in NGO land - as a very real reminder of the poverty and life conditions faced by so many Khmers who needed to live in the city.

Such real life here, on display for all to see. I don't know whether this building was built with this in mind, or whether it has just been allowed to get to this state over time, over-crowding, and neglect of assistance and support to those in need - but it was a sight of harsh reality every time we went past.

I am on the countdown now until I return to PP for our reunion this month, and the thought of our visit makes me wonder how much has changed in the city since I was there in 2002-3, and my return visits in 2004 and 2005.

These photos were actually taken when I was in PP in 2004, but this is just how I remember The Slums from 10 years ago.

Surely a country's progress out of the Developing Nations status should be measured on sites like these, and the improvement of the living conditions for people in areas like this - Cambodia still has a lot of work, and assistance needs, to go.

This post is part of a series marking 10 years since I travelled to Cambodia to work as a volunteer.


  1. Would be great to read an update!

    1. Yeah, for sure! Will see what I can do!


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