Thursday, February 10, 2005

As Heart as it gets!

Am feeling quite dodgy this morning, after a late night at the Heart of Darkness last night. This crusty little nightclub hasn't changed since I was last here, and Curtis and I were amazed at how many people were there last night. They played all the same bad music, and Curtis kept saying "ohhh, this is as Heart as it gets!!".

I ran into Curtis early on in the day at Psar Toul Tom Poung (Russian Market), where I managed to add to my luggage excess situation, just a little. It's just too hard not to go shopping crazy there!

For lunch I meet Charmaine, Magid, and Curtis at Mith Samlanh/Friends, and also got to catch up with Borin. Borin is working and studying hard, but is still his loveable, smiling self. Although he doesn't have as much chance for sleeping on the job nowadays. (When he was our guard at my big house here, I think infected him with our lack of work ethic). Was great to see him, and catch up.

After picking up my beautiful Beautiful Shoes (very exciting!!), I popped in to see Nina again. Once she had finished work her husband, and my former day moto driver, Mr Thon, took me out to see Phanny, and her family, and her new house. Phanny is still working at Sok Sabay, but luckily is not as scared of Marie as most of the staff, and manages to stick up for herself. Good for her. She and her family are living in a much better and bigger place than the one room I visited last night, although it is still quite far out of the city.

On the way out there, the traffic was madness, and I saw a pretty bad accident. It looked like a driver on a moto had come off, and he was not in a good way. Always a troubling sight, especially when you see that noone does anything. The police were just standing around taking notes. That poor man's family.

After dinner at home thanks to Evie's cleaning girl, Ty (and Evie uses the word "cleaning" here loosely!! Hee hee!), we headed out to Ruby's for a couple of drinks with Charmaine. Curtis came along later, and while the working girls called it a night, Curtis and I headed off for his last night in town.

We went to the Ginger Monkey, which is a new bar around the corner from my old place, and met up with Heather, who is now doing Curtis' old job at the uni. Another Canadian. After a few more Ankgor's, we headed off for the Heart....

Anyway, still S.T.Ruggling here. I am meeting the girls for lunch now, and then I think I will recover for the rest of the day by the pool at The Billabong.


  1. Good to see your warming up for the drinking Europe... remember we have pints over here, but at least the heat won't be a factor to contend with... tell evie her brother is getting soft (he threw up in my toilet bowl)


  2. Did you leave your gun at the door of the heart of darkness?!
    Still waiting for photos!

    Andrea X

  3. No surprise to me, Chucky, he always was a spew boy.

    Tash tells me you are becomeing very John Candy-esque??


  4. john Candyesque! Charles you better post a photo of yourself soon or Tash might not be able to identify you!


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