Monday, February 28, 2005


So here I am, at work. I am the sole person responsible for my client's care, who is currently bed bound. She has no voluntary movement, apart from one arm and above her neck. It's a little scary!

Once I know her routine, it will be fine - but it's just learning it, and remembering all the little things that you do for yourself without thinking.

Oh! And I had my first poo experience this morning for this stint of care work. Lucky me.

I am in a small town called Horsham, in West Sussex...about an hour train ride from central London. I get set times off, and so a short wandered into the main street - and LOTS of reading! Otherwise, I am doing little tasks, or just needing to be around. LOTS of reading!

I burnt the first big meal tonight. Oh dear!

Here for a week or 2. We will see who gets sick of who first!!


  1. Oh crap, did you tell them you could cook?! -Andrea

  2. Tash of all places - you go across the other side of the world and end up working in Horsham!!!! Just kidding!!! At least your not too far from London. Good luck with the cooking!!

    luv Liss

  3. Reading, lots of reading - lucky you. Any bookcrossers in Horsham?


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