Friday, February 04, 2005


I am back in Phnom Penh again. My third visit, and I am sure just one of many more after living here for 6 months in 2002/03. I love this city, it's people (of course, the corruption and poverty make me mad, don't get me wrong!). I feel at home here, and can navigate my way around so easily. And I love getting around on a moto!!

Upon arriving yesterday morning, I went along to Evie's work, and then she showed me her new place - very nice! She always has such luck with places, although she does say she is hoping to find better! Always! We organised to meet for lunch at Java (one of my favourite places), where Evie was also meeting Charmaine. So great to catch up with the girls! Both working very hard as usual.

An afternoon stop at the infamous Beautiful Shoes, for a measurement of my feet and leather selection for shoes to be made (more excess baggage!!).

Dinner with Evie, Luke and Cal at Your Thai Friend, and then off for cocktails at the 'gay-friendly' Salt Lounge - a very funky new bar.

Riding around the city, there are many familar places, and some very new ones too. It's still funny to walk into somewhere like Java where the main staff still recognise me!

Lunch today with Evie and Magid at Khmer Kitchen, for my much craved Fish Amok (mmmmmm!) - I think this will turn out to be an eating and drinking tour of PP!!

Magid has talked up Pakistan's chances for tomorrow's first ODI Final, and thus, he and I will be watching with much interest from a new (to me) sports bar he has talked about. Talk of a beer wager may see trouble, with Magid's elevated idea of the Paki's form....silly boy!


  1. Hey Tash! Just letting you know ive bought a money box! Let the saving begin!!


  2. At least Pakistan put up a fight and it was an interesting match to watch.

    Looks like the 2nd final is going to be an interesting game too. Aussies are at 7 for 244 in 49th over.


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