Friday, February 11, 2005

FCC, back to Bangas, and my Red Leather Jacket!!

After abandoning lunch with Evie and Sharee and Luke just after my last post, I managed to recover from my hangover poolside at the very lovely The Billabong. Perfect! Was just what I needed (seeing that I have been so flat out for the week? Yeah, right!).

So, of course, the only thing to do after that was to head to the FCC, for my farewell drinks during Happy Hour. The FCC has always been a favourite of mine, and many a happy hour has been spent watching the world speed past on the streets below, throughout my visits to Cambodia. (Another photo.)

Goodbyes to Luke (who I may just have to go to see in Toronto in the future!), and Sharee and Cal over a couple of Angkor beers. Has been so great to see them again.

Dinner with Evie and Magid, and a viewing of Amelie on DVD, before packing up all my bits and pieces followed. Was still worried about my baggage allowance, especially with my shopping tendencies and after having to pay excess the first time I left Cambodia - but again, worried for nothing!

A BIG thank you to the lovely Yvette for letting me stay with her, and hang out, and veg out while she had to work. Was lovely to see you, as always!

Taxi to the airport, and then the flight to Bangas. A cold sweat landing for me - you would think I would be over my dislike of flying by now!! - and a taxi return to my hotel on the Silom area of Bangkok.

Amid a slight gut upset, with the ever pressing thought of "where is the nearest bathroom??!!", I had set myself two tasks to do this afternoon while in Bangas - have have managed both!! I have sought out one of the two travel agents here in Bagkok who can supply you with a Japan Rail Pass, and made the purchase which will cover me for most of my train travel in Japan for the next 7 days - how cool is that! It has cost me as much as a return trip would to Kyoto, but will cover me for most of the Toyko travel, and also out further if I want to (which I am now intending too).

The other tasks was to pick up my tailor-made Red Leather Jacket! I am very excited about this! The place was called D3, and is probably more known to the tuk tuk drives as a jewellers. But let them also be known for my jacket! Very happy with this purchase - I will have to go back to my A/C room and wear it around a bit! Hee hee.

With an early, early flight tomorrow morning (whose idea was that??!), I will probably need to have a nanna night tonight. I will also need to finally open my second suitcase and try and convince myself that I WILL need those winter clothes now - and with the next couple of days in Toyko forecast for a top of 8C, I will have to get those thermals out! From 34C here today (feels like 41C according to Yahoo weather - no kidding!), will be an interesting change to say the least!

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