Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sa-rah, motorides, and Nina!

I feel like I have had a productive day today! Unusual for me! I have finally booked my accommodation for the first couple of nights in Tokyo for next week, and if I manage to find the place, with all the complex train changes, it's going to be so cute! I also picked up my fake prescription glasses (so cheap, I got two this time!), and had a yummy lunch at Boat Noodle - another favourite place to eat. The Khmer Curry Chicken is one I dream about! Mmmmm!

I have caught up with my lovely night moto driver, or rather he has found me. As usual. Always nice to walk out of somewhere at night and see the ever smiling Sa-rah waiting for me. As well as Jim and Samnang. I was quite shocked to learn that he had 2 children though! 6 and a 3 year old, at that! I don't think I had ever asked about children before, just about being married or having girlfriend (just for converstion, you understand!). I guess I have always thought he was way to young for the babies question. He assures me he is not married though!

I always feel totally safe when using one of our moto posse to get home from anywhere. Each of them know where we live, or where we are staying, so there is never need to give directions after a few too many. And these lads also know our patterns, and thus, always manage to find us most nights. It's very reassuring. I always find that I rarely hang on with one of these boys, whereas normally I am still alert and have one hand keeping me on the bike at all times with any other moto driver. Of course, we pay these boys well, so they look out for us too!

It seems many of the roads here in PP have been done up, cos there are not as many potholes. Not as many instances when you feel yourself leaving the seat of the moto! I so love the moto ride home at night, when it's cool and there is not such much traffic. I guess the next best thing to this would be to learn to ride myself (although I will need to re-learn how to ride a normal bike first!!).

I have found Nina today, one of the women I worked with at Sok Sabay 2 years ago. (Still run by the evil French woman). She is now working at I & You Cafe, which the Khmer's call the Condom Cafe. It is an affiliate of Mith Samlanh/FRIENDS, and provides HIV/AIDS education and health care to the street children, and women from the factories.

They have a doctor upstairs for the women to see, and they also have English and cooking classes for the children. Nina was so very excited to see me! She tells me her boys are doing well at school, and that work is better for her now. Was so good to see her. Now that I know where she is, I will pop in a few more times before I go.

Beautiful Nina
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  1. Loving your journals. Envious of you being on the same flight as Marat - the tennis was great and of course a good result for the cricket. What about your bookcrossing activities - I saw you caught a book in PP-well done!


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