Saturday, February 26, 2005

Off to assignment after all!

We finished up our 5 day training course for work today. Learnt all the final bits and signed our life away, and some of us finished up with Sevenoaks, too. I am back in London tonight, after saying goodbye to a really good group.

I so hope we will all keep in touch. We may get to work together on different assignments, although it sounds rare. Maybe see each other for handovers, but we will definately have to coordinate to meet when we have time off in common.

Despite the idea that I would have to wait ages for my police check to clear before being placed out to work, the agency have a mini-screen cleared (so I haven't messed up too much in the UK after arriving a week ago!)...and I am off to my first assignment tomorrow!

A bit nervous and apprehensive about it all. I guess it will be good to just jump straight in. They have placed me this fast because of my past experience, so hopefully it all comes flooding back fast!

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