Thursday, March 31, 2005

Back to life...

Still on a high from my two weeks in Ireland, I am thrown back into reality today by going straight back into a work assignment. I am in the same place as before, with the same client. I heard myself yesterday agree to be here for 3 weeks - right up to my next adventure!! I am only thinking about the money!

Will be drying out for the 3 weeks, that's for sure!! I could have drawn the outline of my liver this morning - so 3 weeks of work here will probably be best!! Suprisingly I haven't been having the hug-the-porcelaine hangovers I am used to, lately, which might mean I have finally grown out of them!! Wouldn't that be awesome!! ( don't really believe this!)

I ended up dragging Charles and Michael, a new resident at 57B, for my final couple of pints before this work placement, last night. Of course, catching up on our respective trips was a must!

I read one of the best books I have read in a long time over my time away - A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey. Was brilliant! A true recount of a 23 year old who wakes up in a plane in a complete mess, not knowing where he was or where he is going. He is addicted to crack and all sorts of things, plus alcohol in hideous volumes, and he is being sent home to his parents after getting himself in some more trouble. They talk about getting into a Program, and thus, the book is about James' time in the Treatment Clinic trying to deal with his addictions. It's powerful, raw, and so real. Not for the faint-hearted. Brilliant.

So, still hyper from my time away - even after a days work!! Hee hee! Had such a brilliant time in Ireland! That should definately keep me going for the next week or so!


  1. Poor Tash, no rest, although I had to come back to work to get a rest. Can't come over for Glasto either as its the same weekend as the best band in the world. Will give up an update later about my banger,

  2. Mate, I didnt know Cold Chisel were playing that weekend? Or is it a certain Irish band (how many of their back catalogue do you actually have by the way???) When are you getting your sorry Irish arses over here anyway?? Charles

  3. Its a hard life! poor tash.


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