Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dying of tiredness

My client has had a pretty big weekend, and I am so tired!! Have tried to have a nanna nap today, but it doesn't work anymore. I used to be able to nod off when I was back at Medley - with no trouble at all! But I can't now! Boo!

Had thought that the chance to live out someone else's life for awhile would be fun, and it is and it isn't. I have been out to dinner, out to a pub and a girlie poker night, been down to Canary Wharf and visited a tall ship called the Lord Nelson, and have been hanging out with the London Samba band - as my client's PA, or whatever. It's actually awkward at times. I mean, can you imagine going out to lunch with a mate, but having someone tag along? But that person actually needs to be there, cos with me, my client can't get out and about. It's a strange situation.

It's also hard being the designated driver. I think staying out late for me is helped along with a few beverages. But sober, 3am is not so fun. And I am probably more of a danger driving around London half asleep than my client who has only had a couple of glasses of wine all night. But that's the job.

Everyday at the moment I walk through a tunnel under the train tracks, and pass a homeless man all set up there, asleep. I actually always peek to check that there is movement - but could I really use my recently updated first aide training if it was needed? Anyway, he has made me think - how do you get there? I mean, I reckon I am a week away from asking him if I can have a couple of bits of cardboard, unrolling my Turkish Mafia sleeping bag, and joining him. Luckily, pay day is on Friday, so I will at least last a few more weeks. But will this battle with money, or lack there of, ever get sorted?! Do I really need the intestinal upset that is the stress of knowing that I may run out of money before pay day!!??

Anyway. How about those Hawks, hey!! AC is The Man! Teamwork, team bonding...and Willo is kicking butt!!! Is making me a bit homesick, actually.

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