Friday, May 27, 2005


I have visited the Imperial War Museum today, and like all exhibits like it, it has done my head in.

Pulled in by the information about The Children's War exhibit, which shows aspects of WWII for children in Britian during The Blitz. The personal accounts, the artefacts. You can't help but be affected.

But upstairs there is a film about Crimes Against Humanity. A topic that always interests and upsets me, I left with that numb, hollow and all encompassing sadness. How? Why?

The experience has not been helped, or has perhaps been enhanced, by my current book, Fools Rush In. I am being inspired by this one actually. A tale of a lost and emotionally injured man finding himself in the mission to assist with the distribution of food and supplies, and human contact and hope, in Sarajevo in 1993. Amazing.

I would love to do that. Or at least feel like I was making some meaningful difference, somewhere.

I need to seek out some volunteer work.


  1. Tash, there are lots of organisations around that combine volunteer work and travel! What a perfect combo. I've been looking into a few every now and then as I feel a bit guilty sometimes having the opportunity to just pop around the world at my own leisure. Would love to do volunteer trip sometime. Let me know if you are interested. I have a leaflet on it somewhere!

  2. Tashy,
    I've found a course just out of Brisbane - Master in Forensic Osteology! Putting an identity to a pile of bones. They also teach you CSI and how to testify. Would cost me $10 000 less than the one in UK. I know its not AS exciting but could be more realistic!
    We could end up working together one day - to solve all the injustice of the world!!!


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