Saturday, May 07, 2005


No, no! I'm not talking about the election this time! I have spelt that right. I am talking about real producing labour.

My client's sister has been in labour with her first baby for about 24 hours now, and since she lives just down the street, and I am the able-bodied driver, I have just had the job of getting expectant mother, jittery father-to-be, and my client and partner, down to the hospital, post haste!!

Have never been that close to a woman in labour before! Thought I could avoid it really, so as not to scare myself into the realities of such a predicament, and thus actually be able to consider having babies one day myself. When I grow up, of course. *wink*

Driving on the unfamiliar UK roads and weird round-a-bouts with a panting woman, in a riduculous amount of pain, sitting in the seat next to me, has been quite an experience!

No news yet though. Sounds like she will be in for a hell of a long night. Guesses are that it's a girl, given all the trouble. We'll see soon enough.

This live-in care job can certainly be a ride! I am temporarily involved in their people's lives, along for their ride! How bizarre!!

Happy Mother's Day, Mum! For Sunday in Australia! Can't not think of my poor mum, given the goings on! Love you!


  1. It was a boy, after all. It was the men assuming that only a girl would give out so much trouble!!


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