Thursday, May 26, 2005

Work can be fun???

I had such a fun night out yesterday - for work, with my client. I almost feel guilty for having such a good time, and being paid for it!!

Firstly, yesterday I had lunch with 'Nae in Putney. I am working my way around the city and the tube, and finding my way around just fine. Great to catch up with Renee for chats.

I then met my client at her office (this is my view on the walk to her office), and we drove over to the East End, where we met mates of her's and had a yummy dinner at the S & M Cafe (Sausage and Mash!!! What were you thinking!!??).

After this we headed to The Spitz, which is a really cool venue! We saw Mara Carlyle, who was fabulous, and (The Real) Tuesday Weld, who were brilliant. Very jazzy, funky and cool, and very funny.

Driving my drunken cargo home, I got to drive over Tower Bridge under a glowing full moon. What a cool day! And I was on the clock!!

Normally I would rather a shitty day of travel than a good day at work - yesterday was a rare exception!!

It's nights and days like these that are making me love being over here in London. And I am so excited about all the things coming up for the summer - even if the weather doesn't meet expectations!!


  1. Glad to hear you are having fun! After you last post I was getting worried that we may see you home sooner than expected (not that that would be a bad thing...). Hopefully the weather picks up for you and you have a riproaring time!!

  2. Tash, can't believe you are having so much fun at work! Hopefully you can take me to the good spots that you fine! Oh how I wish I worked in London! Hopefully we can catch up this weekend!!!!

  3. Hey Tashy,
    Glad to hear you're having fun! What exactly is the disability your client has? She sounds pretty capable of a lot of things.

  4. Yeah, Arks, this client is more abled than say my Spinal Cord Injury clients.
    Although, if any of them choose to, they can live very active and full lives - just need assistance with mobility and daily living tasks.
    This client has Muscular Dystrophy.


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