Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Night with Spacey and Monet!

After finishing up my assignment on Saturday, I headed back into London and to Nat's ultra cool and ultra modern apartment. (Thanks for letting me stay again!!) Always quite hyper when I finish work, we got ready for a very busy, cultural night out...

We met Caitlin and Jack for dinner, before all rushing off to see Kevin Spacey in The Philadelphia Story at The Old Vic. Mmmmm, Kevin Spacey!! He has such a presence on stage. The story is adapted from the Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant film, and whilst dragged a bit for me in the middle, the final act was great! I really enjoyed it.

Once the play had finished, and final curtain call was over, the four of us jumped into a black cab to see the Turner Whistler Monet exhibition at the Tate Britian - for a late night session! With sunset one of my favourite images, these works of art captured so much of the light and atmosphere that makes dusk and dawn so magical. The depiction of light and it's interaction with fog and smog was captured here by these three artisits, who contributed to the development of Impressionism. Monet's Houses of Parliment: Effect of Sunlight in the Fog and Turner's pieces from the burning of the Houses of Parliment were mesmorising.

How's that for a culture packed evening!!

Yesterday Nat and I met Caitlin and Kimberley at the Columbia Road Flower Market for a wander. Later we headed to Battersea Park to met the boys and to soak up the sun (it's gorgeous over here at the moment - when the sun is out!) and wine. A pub meal and a few pints, and the weekend was over! I did manage to get a bit of colour though! All good!

Have a free day today, and then off to work again tomorrow. This next assignment is here in London, which sounds like lots of fun. Loads of free time during the day, and a busy social life to be part of! Doesn't sound like work at all!!

Before I dash off in search of a hairdresser, and a PC card, I have to mention the book I read while at work - The Time Traveler's Wife. It is so beautiful! Totally lived up to it's hype and much raved about status from others, this book just pulls you in and leads you along the love of the two characters, Henry and Clare. It's easily one of my favourite books now! Just wonderful.


  1. Oh! And how about those Hawks, hey! Awesome!! Willo!!!!!!!!!
    And we are still not on the bottom.
    Clarkson is the man.

  2. Janey put me on to that book when i was home at xmas - it's just so beautiful, tragic, funny all in one book. Also my favorite for the year - though i did quite enjoy Carter beats the Devil recently.


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