Saturday, May 21, 2005

So much more to see...

I am hanging about in London at the moment with loads of free time, as my current client works! Very cool. And it's actually a pretty good assignment so far - client is lovely, and it almost doesn't feel like work at all! I am here in this assignment for 2 and a half weeks.

I caught up with Dom, finally, the other day for lunch and a catch up. Swapping care work stories, current poverty (as usual), and imposing-on-other-people's-good-hearts-for-places-to-sleep-when-not-working stories! Was so good to see her, and know that there is someone else I know out here, hanging around!

I was reading this on Caitlin's blog the other day, and thought I would check out my map...

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According to this, I have visited (meaning stayed overnight - so my day trip to Mexico back in 1991 with the family is not counted, and stopovers in airports also not counted!) 14 countries thus far. That's just 6% of the world!!

So all my time of traveling, and all that travel related debt, has only amounted to me seeing and experiencing 6% of the great big wide world!! So much more to see and learn about! Wow!


  1. I've only visited a measly 7... and even that's cheating because Australia doesn't really count, and some of my pacific islands are hardly countries and the whole of Canada is coloured in even though I've only done a fraction of it.

    Oh well, I'll just have to do something about that..

  2. You've got to get a cross the channel. Chucky has got a big lead on you but you can catch him.

  3. It will take me a long time to catch Chucky!!

    Canada is all coloured for me too, and I have only visited Niagra Falls!

  4. I have visited 34 countries so my map looks pretty colourful - but I do so want to go to South America. Also my visit to Canada is limited to Toronto!


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