Monday, May 02, 2005

Wandering along the Thames

Michelle is in London for the week, and so Nat and I took her out on her first sightseeing day. After getting in from Turkey really late, with several planes delays of several hours each, we had a slow start, but got a lot in, and soaked in quite a bit of that sunny London weather!! Can you believe it!!??

A look at Big Ben first after a ride on the tube for Shelly, we headed down along the Thames, and had lunch on the Queen Mary. Looking over the water, with the London Eye and Westminster in the background, the sunshine was lovely!

We then wondered further along the river, and walked over to see St Paul's Cathedral. Looks really beautiful inside, but will have to be for another visit, as a service was in progress when we got there. (more photos)

We then wondered across the Thames to see Shakespeare's Globe. Missing the last tour, we tried to peek inside, but will have to see it properly some other time. After this, we got to look at the amazing pictures of the Earth from the Air exhibition. Yann's photos are just incredible. Makes me want to go to so many more places!

Viewing the contrasting architecture around London, we headed towards the Tower Bridge, viewing the disappointing slab of concrete that is London Bridge - was it good before it fell down in the nursey rhyme??

Walking over Tower Bridge, and past the Tower of London, we then headed for Covent Garden for a beer for our weary bodies.

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