Wednesday, July 06, 2005


The weekend has been about settling into the new place, music, getting more things sorted for the new place, bit of sport, and more music!

After getting all my luggage and bits and pieces unpacked and set up, I now have my own room! I have my shit together!! Hee, hee! Well, all my things, anyway! It is so good to have my own bed, and my own space - at last!!

Saturday, despite settling an alarm on the day to text in for the ticket ballot, I watched Live 8 on the telly. Shame, cos I would have given my left arm to have been there - but not to be. How fabulous was Madonna!! And to see George Michael - ohhhhh! Jen and I stayed up to the early hours watching the concerts from around the world. Awesome.

I did miss a few acts when I ran down to the pub to watch the last hour of the cricket - one of the most stressful ODI games I have watched in a long time. And being the only Aussie in an English pub was a bit interesting - why do drunks find a girl sitting on her own with a beer watching the cricket irresistable to annoy!!??

Watched Roger get his third cup at Wimbledon - he's just too good, isn't he!!

Sunday, feeling a little worse for wear, Jen and I headed across town for the B Live festival, at Clapham Common. Caitlin joined us, as we got our position for Jamiroquai - who were brilliant!! Jay K did not stop dancing and jumping around the stage for the full 2 and a quarter hours they played. Every song they played was another reminder of all their great songs, like Alright, Canned Heat, and of course, Cosmic Girl. Plus their new album sounds awesome too. Was such a cool night!

(More photos.)

Am back at work now, in northern London, for a week. Just when I get my own bed, and am looking forward to spending time in a place I can call my own...but alas, I will have to pay the bills sometime!!

Jay K
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