Friday, July 15, 2005

The longest Wednesday ever!

My Wednesday this week really started late Tuesday night, when I set out to Heathrow on the tube. After dinner with Jen and Jes, and finalising my packing (I think my smallest haul of all time!!), I had decided to go out on the train that night before the last tube, and wait for my 4.30am check-in time - instead of paying 25 quid for a minicab and getting up at 3am in the morning. Sleeping in the lounge in the airport was a much better option!! Hee, hee! Madness, but there were lots doing it, and it was only for 4 hours!

So, with maybe 20 minutes shut eye, if that, 4.30am come around soon enough, and I was checked into my flight to Frankfurt and San Francisco. A one hour flight to Germany, and the ridiculous security checks later, I was on the big jumbo to the other side of the globe.

Again, not much sleep there, for the 10 and a half hour flight - I just can never get comfortable enough to sustain getting off to sleep!! - but arriving in SFO at 12 noon on the ever going Wednesday! Would this day ever end!

A tad delirious, I am so proud that I know the way to go from the airport to Nicole's area. Nicole came to pick me up from the bus - how exciting!! We had been working it out, and the last time we saw each other was her last trip to Aus, back in 2002! It's so good to see her and catch up. Especially considering the next time I see her she will have transformed into an Aussie, and will be living the good life in Melbourne!

Catching up, and trading news, while I was shaking off the tiredness, I managed to get through the afternoon, and a yummy Mexican dinner - becoming a tradition when I visit - noone seems to do Mexican like the Americans! I made it to 8pm! Not bad! Finally put that day to bed!

Now we are ready to hang out in the sunny, and yet foggy, city, before I have to face my next 12 hour flight.....but where am I going??!! Shhhhh, it's a surprise!!!

(Written and saved as draft at correct time, but will be published when my secret is out on Saturday!!!! How exciting!! Hee, hee!)


  1. How 'bout the Mexicans? How well do they do Mexican? *G*

  2. Hmmmm, yeah, I did think of that after I wrote it. Opps!! I meant besides the Mexicans!!


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