Friday, July 01, 2005

Homelessness solution, at last!

Five months after packing my bags and leaving Melbourne, I have finally sorted out a place to live over here in London town. Today we handed over the cash, signed our lives away, and were given the keys to our new rental.

Finishing work yesterday, after one of the slowest weeks ever, I got the train back to the city, and headed straight for the pub for a much craved beer, or three. Dom came down and meet me during her break, and it was so great to catch up.

Today was the day for our place to be sorted, and all the paperwork chasing was due. I cannot believe the lengths we have had to go to - it's all been a big hassle really. The hardest things for me was getting a reference from the bank, because technically I don't have a real account as yet, until I get a real address. And thus, not having a real account was looking like a barrier to getting a real address!

So, finally, after much drama, much stress, much panic, and a lot of fluffing about by the Backstreet Boys that are our estate agents, we have the keys, and it's ours. It's filthy, and needs a bloody good clean - but will be great in the end. Gorgeous really, can't wait!

Here is Jes and Jen at our front door. We are actually one of the two top floor apartments, which is double story, with a terrace on the roof.

I am just about to pack all my bits and pieces from Nat's, and will lug as much as my tired body can carry across town. After hauling a 6 foot man around for work for the last week, I am not looking forward to it - but really should try and do it in one go - like a bandaid!


  1. Congratulations! I'm glad to hear it all came together in the end. See you on Sunday for Jamiroquai!

  2. congrats tash! finally a place you might call home - for a little while anyway! andreax

  3. yay Tash!! finally a place to crash.( ha ha, cracked a funny) I have Kaiyn's school photo's that he desperatly wants to sent you, so please send an address so I can sent you photos and other school crap, (I mean beaitiful creations) Love always Mel & Kai


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