Thursday, July 07, 2005

Not quite all roses...

I am in quite good spirits, and things have been going really well, and I am having fun, and am happy. I am liking being in London, and the new house is going to be so great. But actually, there are a few dramas at the moment! I am just lucky everything else feels good - and I would much rather laugh than cry!!

The house we moved into is finally clean, after a team of 4 cleaners come in for 6 hours (!!) on Saturday to get things right. Yuck. Jen and I had to sleep there, cos we actually had nowhere else - but the bathroom and kitchen were not at all ready for habitation those first couple of nights we stayed!

On top of the flith, and clearly as a by-product of it, the house also has a rodent problem. Hmmmm. 'Welcome to London' was what the pest guy said about it - great!!! So now we have those little boxes with poison all over the house, and are petrified about the possibility of running into one of our furry housemates.

All this I can live with, cos now that the house is sparkling, and has our things in it, it looks great, and is going to be so much fun. And apparently the pest guy has done all he can do. The 3 of us that are there are having a good time, and it looks like we are going to be needing a seperate recycling container for red wine empties!! Cool!

That said, the 4th person that was to move in had been stalling, and causing headaches with signing the lease. And now she has pulled out for sure. Shit. So now we need to find another, desperately before our next rent is due. So we are now seeking someone to take that room. Let's see - the ad will read "looking for 4th in a sharehouse of 3 Aussie girls. Must like drinking red wine, have a DVD player, and have good looking single male friends!!" Hee, hee, hee. We may not get to be that fussy.

The Backstreet Boys have been difficult, then we have, then they have, and now we are problematic again. Not a good start.

Meanwhile Jen, Jes and myself don't have three pence to rub together between us after handing over all the cash we had for rent and our deposit. But you have to laugh, don't you!!??


  1. oh poor Tash. You need a care package to cheer you up! Send me your new address and I'll get right on it.

    It's all an adventCHA though! Something to tell the grandkiddies about.

  2. Well at least you are still smiling!:) I'm sure there is someone who exactly fits that description floating around somewhere...they'll find you guys!! Good luck with it all. *Hugs*

  3. hey champ..stick with it!! bugger you didn't get to see live8 mate knew someone who knew someone and was able to things she's ever seen! lucky thing

  4. Hope all is well with you in London - so much has happpened there since you journalled. Firstly the euphoria of London winning the Olympics must have been exciting but the shock of the bomb blasts rapidly overtook that news. Hope you and all your friends are OK.

  5. Tash, we is all a little worried about the recent events, hope you are safe and well, I've talked to your mum she said that she tried to contact you, my phone won't let me! What is with that!? please let us know how you REALLY are, thanks for your address and we'll get some goodies to you shortly. Be safe.I know your optimism will shine through this situation, it always does. love Mel and Kaiyn (eww...rodents...eww, yukky.KILL them Kill them all!!!) xx


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