Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hanging out and catching up in the 'Rat

All week I have been hanging out in Ballarat, mucking about with the girls, and catching up with friends. At times it has felt like the last 6 months has just vanished, and that I have never left. But then there is news and stories to catch up on. Has been fun.

After convincing Jessie to wag whatever she had to do on Monday, her and Noodles come back to Ballarat with us after the footy. They took me out for coffee at Bibo on Monday afternoon. Katie took me out for brunch at Europa on Tuesday. Jane came down from Melbs on Wednesday night, and we got to catch up over dinner at Chat For Tea. And Andrea and Dean took me out to the Phoenix Brewery last night. Have been able to catch up with people, and go to my favourite places too!

On Tuesday night Michelle, Megan, Andrew and Amanda came up to Ballarat to have a mini-BookCrossing Meet Up. How exciting. Was so great to catch up with the gang. Have missed my monthly Meets. We went to Gee Cee's for dinner, some book swapping, and lots of chat!!

Have got to have all the foods I have been missing, and craving for, too. Real fish and chips (I don't know what the British are thinking!!??), a proper McChicken (!!), KFC chips (hello!! Chicken salt!!). Oh! And a reintroduction with my old friend, James Boags!

Today is Katie's actual 21st birthday. We cracked the bottle of champers just before 12 noon, and then proceeded to meet Auntie Annette, Uncle Basil, Helen, and little Dean for lunch at Oscar's. (More photos.)

The baby of the family is 21 now! How scary, and strange. We are all old now!

Happy Birthday Katie Baby!! Hope you had a great day today, and will have an awesome night tomorrow night!

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