Monday, July 25, 2005

The 'G

Yesterday Melissa and Clinton took me to the footy, for my second game for the 10 days I am home. Timed that nicely, didn't I! I love the MCG, and I love seeing the Hawks have a win - and that's so rare this year, I was very lucky!

Ash and Dave joined us for the game, and we sat in the new Ponsford Stand. The new redevelopments seem to be coming along nicely, and now there is only one big gaping hole in the ground.

The game itself was nothing to get excited about. A match between the two bottom sides, both Hawthorn and Carlton playing embarrassingly bad. A comedy of errors at each end for both teams. Much cause for yelling and shouting, and the occasional laugh. It's all about those priority picks now.

A few beers down at The Bullring in the MCC Members area made the second half a little more bareable, and attempts by the umpires to even up the free kicks found us winning when the siren sounded.

Was almost hard to recall the words for the team song at the end, being so out of practice, but we did manage a stilted rendition.

Walking out of the ground, in a hurry to get back to Ballarat for the big night, the view of Melbourne from the footbridge at the 'G was gorgeous. I do love Melbs. Although by the looks of all those cranes, and all those new buildings, next time I am in town, I may not recognise it!

(More photos.)

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