Monday, July 18, 2005

Footy. Love it!

I can't explain how much I love the footy. We went along today to the 'Phone Box to watch our beloved Hawks - and I felt so at home.

So, we lost. 41 points. But I expected that, so wasn't too shattered. It's kind of the year for it. We weren't meant to be good this year - rebuilding, and all that. That's what I am telling myself anyway!

God, I have missed being there, though. The passion, the ability to yell and release to noone in particular - and the lads are still hot! Helps!! Hee, hee - I mean, it's all about the footy, of course!!

It's such a family affair, and once the four of us get started on the day, it's all a bit fun...and a bit silly, really. Love it. Cracking each other up, making funnies, bagging idiot play and idiot people around us! Oh dear.

Oh! And for this game, cos we played the Kangaroos, I got to check out Thommo too - he's looking good, and having a brilliant year. Good for him. Still yum.

But there is no going past the good, hot boys of the brown and gold. Trent - gold! And Ang - back to his best - very good. But Jacobs is still as shit as ever - why, why did we pick him up!!?? (More photos.)

I watched Fever Pitch on the plane on the way home, and it was uncomfortably close to home - maybe that movie can explain the addiction.

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