Saturday, January 05, 2013

A Man's World

There feels like there is a growing movement around the world, long overdue, or perhaps one that needed a solid jolting rev up, against the poor, unequal and dastardly treatment of women everywhere. A strength, a united voice; and change.

The news that a Pakistani girl who tried to access schooling was shot in the head a few months ago. Closer to home here in Melbourne, all women had a brutal reminder of the dangers of walking home alone after a night out with the disappearance, rape and murder of Jill Meagher in Brunswick, in September. And now the gang rape and murder of a young woman in India.

These all just make me incredibly sad. Attacks on women. That, at the moment, the world is a place where women do not have a confident feeling that they can move freely around in their own surroundings as they wish, without some lingering fear.

As I am planning my first visit to India in a couple of months, it's been impossible not to take note of the scenes of protest coming from Dehli. The word that billboards are being erected against violence towards women. This in a very male dominated culture that is India. This is change, this is a voice growing volume.

I don't believe in the death penalty, but have read that this is what these accused may face, because of the loss of life of this young woman - it would be a powerful message indeed. That this type of attack on women is not on. Will not be tolerated. As the woman's grieving father stated, "They are a threat to every woman on the street." But so is a society who allows such attacks to go unpunished, for women to fear reporting such attacks for fear of being assaulted by police while seeking such justice, and therefore not trying to report at all.

Each of these tragic events against women in different parts of the world, in these recent times, have led to action by women in the local community, and across the world.

His Violence Her Silence. This street art from Bridgetown, in Barbados.

Silence no more for women. 2012 felt like such a time of building momentum for women's rights, an awakening of awareness, and a call to arms. Not sparked by the right reasons, by any stretch. But unimaginable horrors, actually. And unbelievable comments by media in media. But sparked. The marches, the campaigning...and Julia's speech.

Today, Malala is finally released from hospital from that gunshot wound. And as India mourns, the female voice for change is getting louder.


  1. Tash - such a good post. I do hope these tragedies are catalyst for change. Malala is a strong young woman - I think she will change the world.
    I look forward to more of these current affairs posts :)

    1. Oh wow, thanks so much!

      Malala is such a symbol of hope! I just hope her recovery allows her to return to her fight.

  2. Great piece, Tash. These events were all so devastating and the best we can hope for now is that people like you continue to force people to acknowledge and discuss tragedies like these and how they can be prevented in the future.


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