Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why So Serious?

It’s 5 years since Heath Ledger was found dead, today. 5 years. I remember the day so clearly, with a couple of people calling for debriefing that morning, as we had heard the news, and were stunned.

A young Aussie actor, so talented and such a reportedly amazing work ethic about how he had gone about establishing his career and name in the industry. Such a sad loss, still.

This work of Heath’s most haunting roles, The Joker in The Dark Knight, was found earlier this month along Hosier Lane in Melbourne. So impressive, and equally disturbing.

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  1. I loved Heath's work. He was so talented. I remember the day very well too - I was in the eye and ear hospital having my eyes checked out as I couldn't keep them open. My doctor's name was Heath. I watched his body being taken from his NYC apartment. So sad.
    The Dark Knight's Joker was a masterpiece - so clever, yet so haunting given the circumstances.


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