Monday, January 07, 2013

Southbank Cuties

In December Carly and I stumbled upon these girls along the walls of the main Southbank complex, as we contemplated places for dinner. This little cutie caught my eye, and we followed her around the building for a little bit.

First, on the top floor, she fills her bucket with multi-coloured paint from the tap, right to the top.

Then at the next wall there are three frames of her, and different stages as she drips and then splashes the paint out everywhere! I love the effect of the running paint, sliding down the wall.

In the final spill, the name of the artist can be seen.

The artist is Be Free, and was commissioned to do these. I have come across this same Cutie in a laneway in the city too, and am certainly on the look out for more. She's so cute!

Downstairs in the foodcourt she is not causing mayhem, just hanging out under her parasol. She is the size of the wall down there!

And then in the middle floor of the complex, she sits on her swing, just near the elevators. Hanging up there, she is mischievously discarding what looks like pages about a variety of music artists. Shoelaces untied. So cute!

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