Thursday, January 03, 2013

Introducing Project 52

Jess over on Fushmush approached me about being part of her Project 52 this year. I followed along in 2009 when she and Sue from Noodlebowl did it, from different parts of the world, and loved the series.

The idea is that we both take a photo from the same time of the day on the same day, and post them alongside each other. A kind of parallel life experience for the year, wherever we are at the time, whatever we are doing. Jess joked that it could be 'boring housewife v dynamic globe trotter', but really after my initial travels of the year it may well be "wonderwoman working awesome job and managing a toddler v homeless bum"...who knows what the year holds!

This morning where I am, in Melbourne, one of my tasks at my housesitting gig before I leave for work is to feed the dog and make sure he is all set for the day. Of course, he bounds out to eat as if I have not fed him for days and days, but swear I am feeding him as instructed! Ha!

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