Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wares Of Psar Toul Tom Poung

The Russian Market, or Psar Toul Tom Poung, in Phnom Penh, is easily one of my favourite spots in the city. Most of us could not resist a visit on our return to PP, and I included it on my trip around to the sights of the city.

Just as I remembered it, this is a market of aisles and aisles of wares - I started where the clothing is on offer, many brand name clothes made in the outskirts of PP in the sweatshops.

Moving through, there is a section for fabric, with raw silk being a specialty of this Cambodian market. Stalls aplenty on either side of the aisle, with every pattern you can imagine (and some that you would rather not have seen!). But great for purchasing and having one of the ladies on the inner area of the market make it into a garment from one you want copied, or even just have a picture of.

This was also a market we used to buy homewares from, such as plates and bowl, and ornamental pieces. Lamps seem to be a popular stall, as well as wooden wares.

Paintings, and every souvenir possible, can also be found deep within the market. On one side of the outer layer of stalls can be found rows of silver jewelry and then electronics and fake copies of CDs and DVDs.

There is a row of restaurant stalls right in the middle, and then the further end of the market has hardware supplies and vehicle odds and ends. Really, anything you need can be found here, with some patience and perseverance!

It is still very much a maze once you start getting into the grid of the inner aisles, so easy to get lost...and find yourself buying something that you didn't mean to!

One of the key spots to visit in PP, the Russian Market is something to be experienced. Just make sure you go armed with your bargaining skills!

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  1. Oh wow so beautiful - I love the colours of it all! Looks like you're having fun :)


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