Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Sailing Club in Kep

Not far from our stay in Kep, was the beautiful Sailing Club. The perfect spot for sunset drinks, and dinner!

Right on the water, the Sailing Club features the pier, which allows you to travel out to surround yourself with the water, and look back on the Kep coast area.

The colours of sunset in this part of the world were just incredible.

Back on the shore, we took up a table to the side of the old restored fisherman's house for cocktails before dinner.

Our large group enjoyed the happy hour drinks, with many of the cocktails having a local fruit take on a regular mix.

As the light faded, we moved to ordering dinner, which was pretty awesome too. A mix of Cambodia dishes and a few Western selections, the little kitchen here has something for everyone.

We enjoyed this visit so much, we returned for a final lunch in Kep on our last day, sitting on the verandah of the house, overhanging the ocean.

Such a piece of bliss down here on the water, tucked away from the hustle of the one main street and the markets, great food, amazing view, and awesome cocktails!

Our stay down in Kep was really magical, and this place only added to that experience! So pretty!

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