Friday, June 21, 2013

Charminar And The Bazaar

The city of Hyderabad's iconic sight is Charminar, the four columned gateway right in the busiest part of town. It's four minarets are 56 metres tall, and there on the second floor is an active mosque, the oldest in the city. The city hub, there seemed to be a traffic jam at the foot of this 30 metre squared archway, each time we got a glimpse of it.

To the west of this impressive arch is the Laad Bazaar, a labyrinth of laneways, little streets, stalls, food and wares. Hats and walking sticks, herbs and clothing of every persuasion. Saris and jewels, pearls and plastic bracelets.

Fi and I spent some quality time wondering in and out of the laneways, checking out the stalls, and chatting to the locals. A local samosa stand was all aflutter when we took out seats inside for a lunch stop, two white women in a sea of Indian faces.

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