Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hyderabadi Street Art

Just along from the entrance to our hotel in Hyderabad I had spotted a series of wall art. A splash of colour in an area of dirt, grit, traffic and concrete.

These pieces are signed off, and dated from 2010. They have been attributed to the C.V. College of Fine Arts. It's amazing to me that they remain so vibrant, and intact, almost 3 years later.

Such intricate details, some of them. And then such patriot messages. Makes me wonder what these artists are up to now...


  1. I love the third one down!
    I'm also in awe that street art is seen as precious and goes untouched.
    Great photos!

    1. Oh, I think the top one is my favourite, although I do love the little people in the bottom one too!
      Imagine if these were in Melbourne! Would have been painted over with new work so fast!

  2. Also it's wonderful that the college has a street art project - so much exposure! I bet the artists would be excited to know their art is being showcased on a blog across the world :)


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