Monday, June 17, 2013

Golconda Fort And The 7 Tombs

Another day of wonder when doing some tourist-ing in Hyderabad had us discovering two more of it's impressive treasures.

First, was the sprawling Golconda Fort, high above the city. Standing at the bottom, after walking through the stone archways, it seemed to go on forever up the hill!

The sprawl of the mud fort of the Qutb Shah kings is like a maze, but luckily we had a guide who may not have been good and telling us anything too helpful about the place, but certainly took us through the parts best to see. He was surprised that we wanted to climb the granite hill to see the top, the view and the mosque in the midday heat, but he trudged along with us in the end.

Our guide did demonstrate the amazing acoustic system of the Fort though, where a clap right down the bottom is carried across and up to the highest point of the complex - supposedly used a security, but surely gossip as well!

He showed us the room in the royal palace where a whisper into the corner of the walls could be heard perfectly in the other corner - this was to catch people scheming against the kings.

Just down the road from the Fort are the Qutb Shahi Tombs, where seven of the nine Qutb Shahi rulers are buried.

These huge dome-shaped mausoleums are scattered within these gardens - where we found groups of kids playing cricket.

I actually think we spent more time here than we would have, and perhaps loved it a little more, because these backyard matches were going on. So cute!

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